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Updated: Jan 28

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Nonverbal High Schooler Makes History

Before I had a son with nonverbal autism, I naively thought ‘everyone talks.’ I grew up in a world where I didn’t know anyone who was nonverbal. Or honestly, that it was even possible.

I remember the first time a therapist said, ‘you need to consider a world where your son doesn’t speak.’

That sentence. It shattered me. As a mom, to an absolutely beautiful 3 year old, how could it not?

Flash forward to today.

I’ve learned that communication is so much more than spoken words.

It can be nonverbal communication like sounds and gestures. It can be writing or typing. It can be sign language. It can be assistive technology like my son uses.

And sometimes, it can inspire and change the world.

Ahmed Ali is a nonverbal student who has been attending the Minneapolis Public School system’s Transitions Plus program for the last three years. (Practically in my backyard!)

Once Ali was ready to graduate, the school asked him to deliver his high school class’s commencement address using speech software that he developed alongside a speech pathology during his time in the program.

The speech was a historic first for the school district. And so much more.

Take a listen…

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