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Businesses need to get in front of those that want to do business with them. That is why at WMQG Radio we do not mislead you with large reach numbers based on area population but rather we find out your target audience and advertise your custom business spotlight show to those individuals.

Why this method of advertising works:

  • Advertising is changing and people are moving beyond traditional media with their advertising. In the digital age, people are more connected than ever often walking around with internet access in their pocket or purse.

  • Digital advertising combines the reach of TV, the frequency of radio and the tangibility of newspaper.

  • The most powerful component of digital advertising is the instant access to your customers. You need to explore an advertising medium that can not only get your word out to the masses, but allows them to act on those buying impulses the instant they receive your message.

By becoming a Spotlighted Advertiser, we extend your advertising campaign and provide additional reach with our listeners on our web site searching for client information.

Spotlight Advertisers receive a prominent display in our Recent On Air Advertiser list, On demand replay of the on-air commercial, a link to the advertiser web site, a link to a special offer, coupon or more information page on our site, the ability for users to watch a Facebook live video about the service or product being advertised plus a spotlight search results appearing with any searches using keywords from the advertiser’s on-air advertisement.



  • Business Spotlights

  • Commercials

  • Remotes

  • Sponsorships

  • Endorsements

  • Events


  • Email Marketing

  • Streaming Commercials

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  • Custom Channels (podcast, Roku, Amazon, Andriod, Apple TV)

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